Toonly Manga

Kodansha, a leading Japanese publisher renowned for iconic manga titles like “Attack on Titan” and “Ghost in the Shell,” is set to launch Toonly Manga, an online comic book distribution service exclusively for U.S. readers in May. With a roster boasting over 400 titles, including popular ongoing series like “EDENS ZERO” and “Rent-A-Girlfriend,” K Toonly Manga aims to provide a diverse range of genres, from action and thriller to romance and fantasy.

Users will have access to limited free chapters of select Toonly Manga, with the platform striving to release the latest chapters simultaneously in the U.S. and Japan. Project leader Yuta Hiraoka emphasizes K Manga’s commitment to delivering fresh content, fostering engagement with never-before-seen stories, and inviting readers to embark on the journey of discovering new favorites. As the digital manga landscape evolves, Toonly Manga emerges as a promising platform for manga enthusiasts to explore and enjoy a wealth of captivating narratives.


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